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26 June 2019 @ 10:43 am
i'm pretty sure i'm simply screaming into the void by now, i doubt any of you check this site anymore, but just thought i'd let you guys know ten years later i am still alive and kicking ;)

if you can believe it i'm 25 now. i'm engaged to be married with my long term boyfriend. i'm... a dude. i have been on hormones for about 5 months now and i have never been happier. i just wanted to take a moment to thank absolutely everyone who showed me a bit of kindness while this place was still active. i regularly found myself to be the youngest of pretty much every fandom i was in (shoutout to inception, i believe i was one of the only 15 year olds back then lol) and i know that must have been awkward for some of you guys. thank you for never making me feel lesser for my age, and for always listening to what i have to say.

it's been a wild, rough, and absolutely beautiful last several years. i miss this site so much it hurts sometimes, and i miss all of you guys too! i don't think anyone will see this whatsoever, but, in case you do, below are some places you can find me if you wanna catch up/see what i'm up to these days!

my writing muse has signicantly slowed down these days (so wish i could write 10k a day still lmao) but i do still post fic somewhat frequently! i'm mostly active on tumblr.

| AO3 | tumblr | twitter |

if anyone reads this, i hope you're doing well <3
oh, p.s. i'm mainly into good omens, ffxv, and other fandoms right now if anyone ever wants to chat about them! i'd love to possibly reconnect with anyone i used to talk to 
Current Mood: sleepysleepy